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It is said that “The sweetness of the pudding is in the eating of it.” I Did it by Prayer is a call and motivation to invite you to your duty as a child of God – Prayer. No one gets stranded in the way of prayer.

It chronicles adventures with God in the life of men through prayer encounters and their results. Life is full of mysteries, but you can choose to be in misery if you fail to unravel the associated reasons. My confidence grows in God as I go about my daily life. I have no regrets serving God because my experiences are uncountable. It is true that many of the miracles performed by Jesus could not all be written. What we do have is what we’re given (John 21:25).

Prayer is not head knowledge but an on-the-job training method that allows you to experience the potency of it. It moves you from a mere understanding to a deeper conversation, first as a child of God that calls for a father-and-child relationship to a different level of praying and standing-in to intercede for others.


It is best described as being a daily activity of the believer with no limitation to where you find yourself and what is happening to you. In that case, it confirms Corrie Ten Boom saying: “Prayer is no more a spare tire that is needed in times of situations of help but rather a lifestyle that fulfills Jesus’ mandate for us.” In Luke 18:1 says, “Men ought always to pray and not to faint.”

Our successes and untold victories are all in the incubation of prayer that, as we engage ourselves in it by diligence and consistency, we will also experience the testimonies of those who have traveled the path of prayer.It is time to pray instead of complaining. Learn to win on your knees than to speak of your needs to others. Remember, if you learn to kneel before God, you will be able to stand before men. Pray without ceasing!!!
Your invitation to pray is also going to add to the many prayer testimonies that God is bringing to this generation. You cannot experience it if you never give yourself to prayer. A miracle awaits you if you commit yourself diligently to prayer.